About the Owner

Don Francis, owner of Butcher Boy Food Products, has over 40 years experience in game meat and sausage processing. Due to supplying the best quality game meat products, we have been operational since 1962.

About Us

Butcher Boy Foods has been a successful purveyor of game meat and fowl for years. Don Francis, owner, brings with him over 40 years of experience in meat processing and sausage making. He has won numerous awards for his sausages from many national level events. Butcher Boy Food Products has been a proud member of the Michigan Bison Association for over 25 years! You can find our listing on the Michigan Bison Association website at www.michiganbison.com.

We specialize in Michigan products such as the finest Venison available, farm-raised Bison, Michigan whitetail deer, and North American Elk. Here at Butcher Boy Food Products, we make our own ground game meats and game sausages. Don Francis has worked hard on the purchasing end of thins to buy direct and to insure the quality of our products that our customers have come to expect at the best prices and highest values. Our products come from right here in Michigan as well as all over the world.

Game meat sales and interests have been growing exponentially in recent years. We have had the privilege of serving some of the best chefs and restaurant operators here in Michigan and helping this tremendous growth. What attracts many to game meats besides the obvious great taste and unique flavor is the health attributes associated with them. The low fat and cholesterol contents and high protein levels of game meats capture the interests of people of all ages. Nutritional information is now available on many of the game meats and fowl that we offer. We expect the interest in all the benefits of game meats to continue to grow and we are happy to be able to supply you with our products.